Weird, Wild, Widowed Life: The Kelley Lynn Collection

The Weird, Wild, and Widowed Life Collection by Widow Comedian Kelley Lynn is just that!  With her dark humor phrases like, "My Dad's Not a Dead Beat, He's Just Dead," and "It's not a Journey its a Fucking Tsunami," set to vivid colors and designs, you will find yourself laughing out loud at Kelley's boldness and the way she is able to articulate her grief!

Also in her collection you will find classic Kelley quotes from her infamous Ted Talk Video "Love Grows Love," and quotes from her stand-up comedy routine that she is penning into a book entitled, "My Husband is Not a Rainbow."

Whichever stage of grief you are in, you'll always need a good laugh and Kelley Lynn is the Widow that will make this happen for you!

50% of all proceeds from this collection will be donated to Soaring Spirits International and Camp Widow.

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