Husband and wife on wedding day

A letter from my husband

Husband and wife on wedding day

My life was family
My daughter, wife and son
I was their protector
This life was a beautiful one
My Lilleigh- she is a ray of sun
Shining brightly in the night
Her smile, big and beautiful
Helped me fight this fight
Arthur, he’s my little man
With eyes so big and blue
Man, I wish I had more time
Our relationship still so new
My wife, she held my hand
Through each and every day
I know she’s overcome with sadness
And to her I say,
I never wanted to be gone
It’s a choice I couldn’t make
If it was my way, sweet wife of mine
I’d be there each time you wake
I know your heart is aching
Thinking of things that should have been
And I know you’d redo that night
If you had the chance to again
But take heart, young wife of mine
For you’re stronger than you know
And even when you feel alone,
I’m with you everywhere you go
You’ve got this mom thing
You’ll kill it-you know it’s true
Even if you don’t always
Do the things you think I’d do
Please try to be patient
With those who don’t understand
And even if you don’t feel it
I’ll always be holding your hand
And to my friends and family
All the others I’ve left behind
Thank you for the care you take
Being so loving and so kind
You’re stepping up to do
A job I wish I could
Thank you for taking on
Much more than you really should
I have just one last request
That I may ask of you
Please remind my family
Of the things I used to do.
When Lilleigh is sad I can’t be there
For a dance or her wedding day
Look her in those big blue eyes
And hold her while you say
Your daddy loved you
Like he’s never loved another soul
Seeing you smile and hearing you laugh
Was his one and only goal
He wishes he could be here
To see the woman you are now
But close your eyes and breathe him in
For he is all around
When Arthur gets upset
That I’ve missed another game
Remind him of his fathers pride
In giving him that name.
Remind him that my memory
In his life carries on
And that still he represents me
Even if I am gone
Tell him of my wild side
The one that loved to joke and smile
Put on one of our videos
So he can hear me just a while
And to my mom- I’m sorry
There was so much left to do
I hope you know all I wanted
Was the very best for you
Thank you for making me
The man I had become
It was an honor and a privilege
Being your only son
So to my friends and family
Never mind how far or near
Just know when you are missing me
I’ll always be right here.

- A Widow's Husband

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